NASA should focus on missions to Mars and beyond. Low earth orbit and cis-lunar space ventures should be the ambitions of private enterprise. But a joint venture of NASA and private companies would be attractive from a cost savings point of view. The Gateway Foundations plans to create a robust lunar lander designed to carry both cargo and people would be essential.  Read more here.

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Nick Rawet · April 10, 2019 at 12:37 PM

In the 80s I wrote a book about space stations and Lunar bases. In it I postulated that meteors impacting the Lunar surface when it was still ‘soft’, whilst still leaving a rimmed crater, left a porous centre. As the meteor penetrated the surface, escaping gases bubbled into the quickly hardening rock, leaving it soft and porous, like pumice. This was easy to remove and the lunar base was therefore largely built below the surface. The removed rock was mixed with water and became a building material called Mooncrete…
Do you think this idea holds any merit?

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