We just read an exciting news article about the new engine tests for the Sabre Spaceplane from Reaction Engines Ltd.  From the article:

They expect mission costs to fall to about $10 million per launch for high product value cargo (e.g. communications satellites) $2-5 million for low product value cargo (e.g. science satellites) and for costs per passenger to fall below $100k, for tourists when orbital facilities exist to accommodate them.

As high volume flights are performed the 15 ton payload to LEO orbit would be $2-10 million per launch which would be $66/lb to $330/lb.

This is exciting news for a variety of reasons, of course, but for us, the most thrilling aspect of this story is the projected launch costs mentioned above.  Launch costs that low would drastically reduce the cost of building The Gateway once production is ready to begin.  Also, of course, is the incredibly affordable ticket price for passengers to The Gateway, once construction is complete.

There are people who believe the idea of The Gateway to be grandiose or flat out impossible.  We believe that The Gateway is not only possible, but inevitable.  The future isn’t just around the corner, folks, it’s here.