Sargon Systems will build the station you visit

Sargon Construction Ring

Sargon Systems are a family of new construction machines that can collectively build an entire space station like VERA in half a year. Later as we learn to use these powerful machines we will create whole stations in a month or less.

This is a new kind of construction technology called: Panel Construction. By forming panels of a station that have hull plate and Whipple shielding pre-attached we can quickly build large pressurized volumes in space in an automated fashion. Sargon builds whole stations by welding together panel rings at an astonishing rate. How fast a station comes together depends on how fast Sargon can form a panel ring: At the start, maybe one ring a day, but later we expect to build a new ring every hour!

The Panels

Each Panel is a 5cm thick slab of hull plate with Whipple Shield mounted on top.

Panels in a torus are trapezoidal in shape. Each panel ring has 32 panels. Window panels can be used interchangeably. This allows a client to create areas with broad viewing regions like a restaurant, or none for storage rooms. Each Panels hull plate is 5cm of 2219-T8 Aluminum Alloy. This is the same metal used on the ISS.

Panel Rings

A Panel Ring, one of 84 panel rings that compose this Torus.
Sargon Construction Ring creating a Panel Ring.

Sargon forms a Panel Ring by welding together the panels for that ring. The panel magazines load the panel cart and then the cart positions panels so the welders can weld together the seams.


The Welding Ring

The weld ring is composed of 32 horizontal weld manifolds and 32 vertical weld manifolds. Each welding manifold has an electron beam weld head that seals the seam between the panels. EB welding is perfect for space operations because it requires a vacuum environment to operate in.

Welding manifolds.
Electron Beam Weld head in the manifold