The Gateway

The Gateway is the space station that will facilitate humankind’s migration into space.

It will allow us to take our first steps toward colonizing the Moon, Mars, and ultimately, will usher in a new age of exploration as we travel throughout our solar system and discover what lies beyond.

For decades, no endeavor in space will provide as many jobs as the construction and operation of The Gateway.

Building The Gateway will not – must not – be the job of any one country. It must be a global endeavor, created by the will of people everywhere: People who believe in the future, who see beyond the constraints of small spacecraft and small space stations, for a small number of incredibly wealthy individuals. The Gateway will be built for those who believe that everyone: rich, middle-class or poor, should have the opportunity to visit or work in space.

These people are the foundation upon which the future will be built. They are, The Gateway Foundation.


The Hub

The Hub is where Gateway approach control will sequence incoming and outgoing traffic. Bay Control will be located in the same control room as will Gateway security and all onboard environmental control. Opposite the Control Room will be The Viewport for guests to observe incoming shuttles.

The Bay

The Bay is the transportation nexus that serves The Gateway. Every person that visits The Gateway will enter and exit through The Bay. People who are staying a week or only a few moments waiting for their flight to the moon or beyond will utilize The Gateway Bay.


(Lunar Gravitation Area) Here people will experience Moon gravity for dining, dancing, gymnastics, gambling, concerts, or just a walk in The Park. This high ceiling area will be the most popular venue for tourists who want to experience walking on the Moon without all the dust or heavy suits.

The LGA Habitation

This ring of rooms will offer small but comfortable accommodations for our guests.


The Mars Gravitational Area will give 30% of earths gravity to our guests for those who choose not to travel to the red planet. The MGA have 4-5 decks and will be the only area offering permanent habitation on the Gateway.

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