The construction of The Gateway will be humankind’s most ambitious endeavor in space.  A new kind of construction – a new way of thinking about building things – will be required to build what is, essentially, a spaceport.

To this end we have incorporated Orbital Assembly, the world’s first space construction company.

What is Needed to Build Large Scale

  1. The Technology to build it
  2. The Money
  3. The Will

1. The Technology

To construct a massive space station like The Gateway would take a generation if we didn’t utilize construction techniques like those used in modern ship building and automobile factories.

Ships today are constructed by connecting prefabricated sections constructed in other parts of the shipyard. This method is known as “Block construction”. Smaller things that need to be fabricated in large quantities are built using assembly lines. By bringing both of these methods together we can create large blocks or segments in a rather quick manner using a machine designed for just such a purpose. We call this machine the GSAL

The GSAL (Gateway Segment Assembly Line)

To build a Gateway we will first construct an automated GSAL. The GSAL will create segments that are each unique for that part of The Gateway: For instance, to create the Hub we will weld together a series of square segments; to create ring sections the GSAL will reconfigure its beam guides to fabricate wedge shaped segments. In this manner the outer shell of The Gateway can be erected fast and welded tight around airlocks so workers can finish the interior without the use of heavy space suits. It is important to build The Gateway fast so it can generate revenue sooner. But safety will never take a back seat in space construction or operations. Once completed The Gateway will face months of operational testing to insure redundant safety systems will all function as designed.

GSAL Configured for Straight Sections
Parts are fed in and welded with robotic arms

Other Equipment Needed for Construction in Space will include

A human operated Pod moves a truss section
  • Pods, with astronauts inside will move heavy materials and structural members.
  • Bots, remotely operated by technicians from Earth or nearby habitation modules, will assist suited construction workers.
  • New, heavy-duty construction space suits, with protective armor to withstand the inevitably harsh working conditions in space.

One might think it would take years to develop these tools , but thanks to undersea drilling and exploration the prototypes for these suits and equipment have existed for decades.

If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.

Mikhail Gorbachev

2. The Money

Last year in America Lotteries generated $70 billion dollars, over $300 billion dollars worldwide. The Gateway lottery will span the globe by way of the internet and generate the necessary revenue every year to fund this massive station. The Gateway lottery tickets will be purchased only from people who believe in space travel and want a chance to go, but the best part of using a lottery to fund the construction of this spaceport is that nobody contributes any money who does not want to, and those that want to may contribute as much as they want when it best suites their financial situation.

Lotteries are also egalitarian. Everyone who buys a ticket gets a chance to go regardless of who they are or where they are from. This system will reflect the worlds interest in space travel by having more ticket sales from areas where people believe space exploration and colonization is the next big thing.

3. The Will to Build in Space

The Gateway Foundation’s mission is to gather people from all over the world who share the dream of seeing humankind move off world. The first steps to colonizing space and other planets is gathering and mobilizing like-minded people who share in this vision.
In the late 50’s and early 60’s the passion for space exploration was shared by both The United States and Russia. Both competed feverishly in a space race that ended with an American being the first human to walk on the moon. Unfortunately, as with any race, a winner is declared and everyone goes home. After that first landing, we visited the moon a handful of times, but as economic realities and political priorities shifted, we gave up on the idea of real exploration, and we haven’t been back since. Looking back on those years, one can easily see that the people of that generation had The Will to do something monumental.

What’s the hardest thing about going to the moon? The Will to do it.

Werner Von Braun

There is a passion for exploration that burns in the hearts of people all over the world to this very day. This new generation is ready to see humankind expand into our solar system, and to someday leave it behind. This new generation has The Will to colonize space. This new generation are the people who will be the foundation upon which the future is built; they are The Gateway Foundation.