VERA Station

VERA stands for:

Voluminous Environment,

Rotating Architecture

VERA is a Torus-type station. The National Space Society lists torus-type stations as one of the most efficient design options for a space station. With 369,523 cubic meters of pressurized volume, VERA station can easily accommodate 1000 guests and 200 crew with plenty of elbow room.

VERA Station’s Two Torus design will allow for huge cost savings because there are no ERVs needed for evacuation of the Outer Torus. People can simply get on an elevator and move to the Inner Torus should there be a problem in the Outer Torus.

The Inner Torus

The Inner Torus of VERA Station will house the crew quarters, Pod and drone maintenance, and station control. This smaller torus will be built before anything else (Outer Torus, elevators, Hub…) so that the construction crew will have a very large staging area to build the other station components. The Inner Torus is by no means small, its volume is 85, 278 cubic meters.