The New Pod

Long overdue, we have designed a pod that serves the needs of space construction projects large and small. The Hatship* class Pod is equipped with many arms and a propulsion system designed for movement in any direction, pushing or pulling a load. The bubble canopy depiction is influenced by helicopter designs that allow the pilot to have a wide unrestricted view of the construction site.

Removable Arms

The removable arm packages allow for a broad range of applications to be mounted on the pressure hull. This is vital to the mission the pod will serve. The new pod will also be able to refuel and recharge quickly and frequently.

Lower and Upper arm packages are removable

The Clamp Arms

The clamp arms are designed to allow the Pod to secure itself to a load to move it to another location or to adhere itself to the station’s hull for maintenance in a secure 3-dimensional manner.

The Manipulator Arms

The Manipulator arms allow the Pod to weld, tap, drill, bolt, or handle items as a person on the ground would using a collection of interchangeable end-effectors.

Tow Arms

Rear-facing Tow-arms let the pod work in conjunction with other pods to maneuver heavy loads and large-sized objects into position.

Tow Arms deployed


Our pod design will find uses beyond construction as it is enlarged to accommodate more people or cargo (Enheduanna Class). STVs will transport large cargos and 100’s of passengers between station communities but a pod able to transport 4 people will be needed when only a few people need to go. Exploration and space mining are other obvious applications, but as we build these space vehicles they will find more uses beyond what we can imagine at this time. Offworld sedan?

Want to take it for a spin?

We Need You

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*The name Hatship is short for Hatshepsut, the sixth Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, she was one of the first great female rulers in history, and by far, the most successful women to rule Egypt as pharaoh. Hatshepsut’s dynasty is distinguished by her being a great builder, so we honor her by naming a vital piece of our construction inventory after her. She (Hatship) is going to build a lot of structures in space including space stations, spaceports, and fuel depots.

Before her death, Hatshepsut erected a pair of obelisks at Karnak. On one the inscription reads: “Now my heart turns this way and that, as I think what the people will say—those who shall see my monuments in years to come, and who shall speak of what I have done.”