Building The Gateway requires a base of active members, all of whom are willing to promote The Gateway Lottery to their government officials.  This means sending emails, signing petitions, and participating in awareness campaigns across multiple social media platforms, to make our elected officials understand the inevitability of The Gateway. These crucially important people are The Foundation upon which everything else will be built. To build The Gateway in space, we must first build The Gateway Foundation on Earth. To reward the efforts of our Gateway Foundation Crew members they will receive significantly increased chance of winning a free trip prize. See Gateway Foundation Crew 1k below.

Do you want to know who you are?  Don’t ask.  Act!  Action will delineate and define you.
– Thomas Jefferson

Basic Membership: Free

Basic membership is free. Everyone is welcome to join the Gateway Foundation and is encouraged to do so. Your support in this new industry is important to spread the word that a new era has arrived for every person on Earth: The Space Age, for everyone. Free membership does not include a Crew Seniority number or a chance to win a free trip to the Gateway Spaceport. Only Crew members have this opportunity through the 1K, 10K, 100K program.

Gateway Crew Membership:

For Those Who Want To:

  • Work in Space
  • Help Design The Gateway
  • Significantly increase your chances of winning a free trip to the Gateway Spaceport
  • Invest in The Gateway Foundation IPO

Becoming a Gateway Crew member Will Give you the Opportunity To:

  • Contribute to the design of the Structure of The Gateway
  • Fabricate the Parts and/or Tools to Build it
  • Assemble it in Space
  • Operate The Gateway upon Completion
  • Invest in the Emerging Industries The Gateway will Influence:
    • Space Construction
    • Space Tourism
    • Space Colonization


Engineers and Architects will submit design plans, schematics, and suggestions for The Gateway. Gateway Crewmembers are also encouraged to examine aspects of The Gateway’s design and offer engineering contributions to improve its operation. This aspect of the Crew membership can result in cash rewards for the optimal design winner and every year the best engineering contribution will win a free trip to The Gateway.


To build in space we must first create the Gateway’s construction components here: The GSAL’s, the pods, the heavy-duty suits, the bots. New businesses will form to meet the demand for these machines and equipment. Gateway Crew members will be encouraged to start these businesses, invest in, or participate in their operation.

Work In Space:

The construction of The Gateway will create a huge demand for people who want to work in space. Many positions will need to be filled, including Construction Astronauts, Pod Operators, Station-Arm Operators, Operations positions, and many others.


Upon completion of The Hub (the first stage of construction on The Gateway) hundreds of people will be required to perform the extraordinary work that will be necessary to operate and maintain The Gateway. The people chosen for these positions will come from all over the world, but the one thing they will all have in common is that they will all be Gateway Foundation Crewmembers, who believe passionately in the expansion of humankind into space.

Invest In Space:

Investors, Futurists, and supporters of humankind’s ascent to the stars will invest and fund these emerging industries. Humankind must learn how to build large structures in space. Many profitable businesses will form to rise to this challenge. These companies will be members of the Gateway Industrial Group (GIG). Every Gateway Crewmember working for a GIG company will be eligible for the annual Gateway trip giveaway.

Seniority Numbers:

When you become a Gateway Foundation Crewmember, you will automatically be assigned a Seniority Number. Seniority Numbers denote Gateway employment application review ranking. For this reason and others, Seniority Numbers are very important.

Crew members will also be allowed to purchase Gateway Foundation stocks before other investors at our IPO. We believe in rewarding vision and early support by privileging Crew members over random investors whose vision fails to extend beyond their own bottom line.


“I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.”
– Elon Musk

Gateway Foundation Crew Membership 1K:

Your best chance to go into space, affordably.

Some people know a good thing when they see it and invest accordingly. Becoming a Crew member of The Gateway Foundation is your way of telling the world “Let’s build this structure” In return for their support, Gateway Crew Members will also receive a discount off all Gateway event entry fees and automatic entry into the 1k , 10k, 100k programs.

First Come, First Serve:

1K Lottery:
Every year, the first 1,000 Gateway Crew Members who join us will have the opportunity to buy lottery tickets (in a lottery pool made just for them) for a chance to visit The Gateway. The winner gets a trip to the Gateway. Most lotteries like Superlotto have odds that are 190 million to one

10K Lottery:
Every year, the first 10,000 Gateway Crew Members will have the opportunity to buy lottery tickets (just for them) for a chance to visit The Gateway. The winner gets a trip to the Gateway. This pool includes the Gateway 1K.

100K Lottery:
Every year, the first 100,000 Gateway Crew Members will have the opportunity to buy lottery tickets (just for them) for a chance to visit The Gateway. The winner gets a free trip to the Gateway. This pool includes the Gateway 1K and 10K.

1M and 10M Lottery?
When the membership numbers get high enough we will start these programs too.

A New Direction:

The Gateway will be built by the work of its members pushing their elected officials to let The Gateway Lottery run, to generate the necessary funds to build this spaceport.  This political action is essential, not just for The Gateway but for the support it will provide to the emerging industries that will arise to help build it. We will organize people who want to see humankind expand into space, giving us all a new direction: Up.

“Apollo in 1969. Shuttle in 1981. Nothing in 2011. Our space program would look awesome to anyone living backwards through time.”
– Neil deGrasse Tyson

Membership Fees:

Lifetime Crew membership fees are $299.95 and are refundable for the member’s entire lifetime. Yearly membership fees are $29.95 and refundable for the entire membership year.

Membership Roles:

Get two friends to join our Crew you get 50% off your membership! The Gateway membership must grow to ensure this key piece of infrastructure is constructed. Your first role as a member is to discuss this revolution in space travel, with friends, family, classmates, and coworkers whom you believe would like to join us in this effort. By joining us, they will have the chance to visit orbital space once The Gateway Lottery begins. Once their membership is confirmed, we will issue you a 50% refund on your membership. All Lifetime Crew membership seniority numbers are even numbers.

Get five people to become Crew members, and you’ll be given a free Lifetime Crew membership.

Who Will Join, Design, Build, and Go?

The Gateway Foundation will be made-up of people from all over the world who believe that humankind needs to expand throughout our solar system to survive. The competition for resources on Earth has led to many wars and with weapons of mass destruction proliferating at ever increasing numbers we must realize that there are far more of these resources above our heads than there are below our feet.

We must start thinking of ways to expand outward into our solar system.  We are One race, The human race. Nothing will bring humankind together like building The Gateway and making our reach for the stars. The Gateway lottery will allow us to use our money to build the Gateway, the Internet will connect us to people everywhere who share this ambition and want to be a part of the next big thing, and, who want a chance to go.