A Cis-Lunar Economy

lunar hotel room

– Brian Harms, Keith Bradley CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, 2010

With the creation of a Cis-lunar lander designed to provide regular service to the moon we will see the birth of a
Cis-lunar economy. Fuel and air for the shuttles will be created from the water found on the moon. Habitats for the workers will be needed quickly. Very soon an industry will be born with a local lunar economy to feed it, house it, and carry its workers home when they are done, until the workers one day decide to call the Moon their home.

New Industries

Getting tourists to the moon on a regular basis will be an amazing feat but creating a Lunar Bridge will foster the birth of many new industries, each one a vital component of an extraordinary whole.
Creating a fleet of powerful new spacecraft will be the foundation of a new industry – the design and manufacture of lunar shuttles large enough for the transportation of tourists and cargo.  Who will step-up to build these new craft?  Who will become the Boeing of cis-lunar spacecraft construction?

Lunar Infrastructure

Once we begin regular service to the moon we will need even more new industries. People will want to do more than just stroll around the lunar surface.  After a nice walk they will want to have a meal and a glass of champagne, then, sleep in a real bed at a lunar hotel.

  • Who will build the first lunar hotel?
  • Who will build the solar farm to power this hotel?
  • What company will become proficient at lunar construction?

There is so much we must learn for people to live on these brave new worlds, it makes sense to teach all that we learn to the next generation, it makes perfect sense to build a school.

An Academy

The Gateway Foundation will eventually form an academy for people to prepare for jobs in space, such as low-earth-orbit construction, Gateway operations, lunar excavation and more. Who will be the instructors at this academy?

So many questions to be answered. Those answers to these questions will come from you – The Gateway Foundation.